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Hi!  I’m Susan Ely. a former overwhelmed, over-budget, overworked, under-appreciated woman”  

In the next few minutes, you are going to discover seasonal stress management secrets that most women will never know.

You’re also going to learn how to slow down, spend less and restore sanity & serenit to your holiday season.

Let me start by asking a question…

Are you sometimes exasperated  by the “get me, gimme’, buy me, take me, bake me, trim me, attend me, do for me” craziness of the holidays? If your eyes glaze over just thinking about it all, it’s time to step back, reconsider and refocus.

Is there such a thing as a hassle-free holiday?

Don’t misunderstand; I love Christmas – it’s the 3-month prelude that makes me nuttier than a fruitcake!

 Definition of hassle: A prolonged trouble or inconvenience.

Being that Christmas decorations start popping up in the mall around Labor Day, I’d say hassle is the perfect description!

Those annoying, “I only have one thing left to buy, then my Christmas shopping is done” Facebook posts started showing up in September. Could someone at Facebook please come up with a DIS-like button? “Un-friend” is the only option and that seems a little Scroogey.

A lot of my Christmas angst comes from those years when I was a young mother, excited about the holidays yet totally overwhelmed with all it entailed. With three kids under three, I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping, baking or decorating and there wasn’t much extra cash for gifts, so I was always stressed out.

Those were also the years I began to discover my gift for hospitality and I put a ton of pressure on myself to be the perfect hostess.

What I really wanted was to create the kinds of memories for my kids that I had of my childhood Christmases. The funny thing is that I realize now that my mom never did any of the things I was so determined to do.

When I was little:

– Never had 2 trees: one for the kids, one for the grown-ups

– Never had stockings stuffed with expensive gadgets and trinkets

– Never decorated sugar cookies

– Never participated in a Christmas cookie exchange

– Never threw a party or had an open house

– Never had special Christmas outfits

– Didn’t have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner

– Didn’t have so many lights on the tree that you had to wear sunglasses

– Didn’t stock up a liquor cabinet or serve fancy holiday cocktails

– We made cards for our teachers if we wanted to give them something

– Didn’t put Christmas on a credit card -Mom put money in a Christmas Club account every month to pay for our presents

 – The tree skirt was a white bed sheet, not a hand-embroidered satin number that matched the sofa

–  People normally put up their trees the second week of December – not at Thanksgiving and it didn’t take a week to decorate for the holidays

– We polished our shoes, not the silver

– Holiday mix was a snack you made out of cereal, pretzels and peanuts, not a handpicked selection of seasonal music downloads

What in the world was so great about my childhood Christmases that I remember them so fondly?      

– My mom’s fudge and thumbprint cookies – (I hated her fruitcake cookies!)

– The box of ribbon candy she bought every year

– The laughs we had opening presents because mom always got the nametags mixed up. My brother didn’t appreciate my Tiny Tears doll one little bit!

– My Italian grandmother’s spinach-stuffed ravioli

– Throwing tinsel on the tree and Mom re-arranging it

– The blue Christmas tree lights that made the room seem so peaceful

You see, my childhood Christmases were pretty simple, but not simple like the magazine REAL SIMPLE, or as I like to call it: “REAL SIMPLE – REAL EXPENSIVE”


Even though our holiday celebrations were simple, I don’t remember ever hearing anyone complain. I know for a fact my kids do remember me stressing and complaining. This new, relaxed me has only been around for a few years now (sorry, kids) and you know why I’m so relaxed?

 I’ve simplified.

I’ve discovered the world will not end if I forget a gift, don’t bake ten types of cookies and only put up one tree.

My new motto?

Have yourself a MERRY little CHRISTMAS…

little in the amount of stress but LARGE in enjoyment!

After years of holiday headaches, I’ve discovered how to SURVIVE AND THRIVE through the Christmas season.                                                        

So much so, that all my friends and family started taking notice … and asking me how in the world I do it!

After counseling and consoling so many dozens of both younger and older women, I decided to just write a book on the subject. Your time is precious this time of the year and so is mine – it’s much easier to just open up a link, plus you’ll get way more information this way.

So today is your lucky day!

I don’t know who sent you to this webspage, but you need to put them on your Christmas list because they just did you a huge favor.

Your about to learn these same“SURTHRIVAL TIPS” too in my new E-book



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  When you purchase this timely eBook, you’ll learn:

  •   Five incredibly easy ways to survive the mall – follow them and I promise    when you come home your husband will never again look at you and sing  “Santa Got Run Over By A Reindeer” 
  •   The secrets to giving meaningful gifts – your family will think you’ve    developed psychic abilities
  •   How to re-think your holiday traditions by asking five simple questions –  yes, you’ll have to forego that ridiculous tradition of making everyone wear  the reindeer antlers while they open their gifts – but wouldn’t it be nice to  have your teenager unlock the bedroom door and join the festivities for  once?
  •  The fine art of frugal feasting – or how to serve a delicious holiday meal and still have  money left over for groceries in January – no more black-eyed peas on New Year’s  Day unless you actually like that tradition
  •   Proven ways to tame the time crunch – so you can greet your guests    without looking like something that came down the chimney
  •   The single most important decision you can make this Christmas – this one   is a life changer
  •   The absolutely essential holiday spending reality check – the truth will set    you free – and not just free from debt
  •   Insider kitchen tips from The Shared Table – you’ll learn how to shop, chop  and pop the cork like a pro
  •   How to conquer the hassle of hospitality – and get your kids to help without breaking any child labor laws

 PLUS Recipes Galore!

  •   12 days of Christmas – easy weeknight survival recipes
  •   Holiday recipes from appetizers to the last course
  •   Delicious desserts that you can make in fifteen minutes 


  •   Bonus 1:  Grill Master Roger Ely’s almost famous Hickory Smoked Turkey    recipe & tutorial.  This covers everything from brining to putting the first        succulent morsel in your mouth; nothing is left out.  A video tutorial will be  available very soon!  (Value $20)
  •   Bonus 2:   Brilliant Blender Chocolate Mousse Video: All the decadence of    a traditional Mousse but simplified for today’s buys cook  ($20 value)
  •   Bonus 3:  Lemon Parfait with Raspberries Video: A perfect light dessert to  compliment a rich meal. desert video. ($20 value)
  •   Bonus 4: Easy Ice Cream Desserts Video: You won’t be able to top these  creative toppings.  ($20 value
  •  Bonus 5:  Cranberries for dessert Video: One Chocolate and one  butterscotch dessert sauce. ($20 value)
  •   Bonus 6:  Simple Ideas to Round out Your Cheese Board Video: Mock  Boursin plus 3 easy toppings for goat cheese. desert video.  ($20 value)

So don’t procrastinate!!

I know what’s going through your head right now….

you’re thinking to yourself “Yeah, right – asking me to read a book on top of the fifty other things on my to do list – that’s not gonna’ happen! Doesn’t this lady know how overwhelmed I am?! Right now all I care about is figuring out a way to not go totally broke this month and she wants me to shell out more money on a BOOK?!”

Actually, this lady does know how overwhelmed you are – that’s why she wrote the book! Here’s the thing – in the time it takes you to listen to the depressing news, you can read HOLIDAZED and get tons of information that will SAVE you time, and SAVE you money. Plus this book is flat out funny and will actually put a smile on your face! Heck, you might even end up whistling Christmas carols in the mall!

 The entire package could easily sell for over $100 but you’ve been a good girl this year so I’m practically “gifting” this to you.  Follow just one of my frugal feast tips and you’ll save more than the cost of the book! Hooray! Go out and buy yourself a present! You deserve it for being so smart!

Are You Ready To Be HOLIDAZED?

Now I realize times are tough for some so, as I thought about pricing this, I figured half off sounded good at $50.  But it’s Christmas and I really want you to have an affordable gift for friends and relatives so in the Spirit of Christmas I’ve set this initial release at the unbelievably low price of…

NOT $19.95….

NOT EVEN $14.95….




 So if you like to cook, laugh and eat – which I know eating is high up there for me – this is your opportunity to learn what you need to help you slow down, spend less and restore sanity to YOUR Christmas holiday.


If you go through this little life lesson I’ve laid out for you and you don’t like it for any reason at all, just drop me an email, and I’ll refund your money instantly.


You have nothing to lose, and your sanity to gain.

So Here’s To Your Seasonal Serenity,

Susan Ely




p.s. This book has a mission and a purpose.

It will rewrite and reestablish the way you celebrate the holidays, forever. Whether you’re parents of young children, a busy career person, single or a grandparent, you will be motivated and empowered to transform the way you think about the season.

This holiday season, my purpose and my mission is to help you create an atmosphere in your heart and home that inspires family, friends and strangers to gather around the table, connect with traditions and realize the reason for the season… it’s that simple!

But I can’t do it without YOUR help! Can you partner with me to make sure every person that needs this book gets it? Refer your friends, or better yet, buy a copy for them!  

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